Removing TeleTracker Online


For various reasons, from time to time it may become necessary to remove TeleTracker Online from your computer(s).  The process described below will only uninstall / remove the TeleTracker program from your computer. Your data is always safe and secure on the TeleTracker servers and is not affected by this procedure.



To Remove TeleTracker Online:


  1. Click the Windows <Start> button and go to: Settings, Control Panels, and select Add/Remove Programs.

  2. Locate and highlight the TeleTracker Online file clicking on it.

  3. Click the <Change/Remove> button.

  4. Choose  Automatic.

  5. Click the <Next> button.

When the uninstall is complete.

  1. Double click to the <My Computer> icon.

  2. Double click on your Local Disk (usually the C: drive)

  3. Then double click the Program Files folder.

  4. Right click on the TeleTracker Online folder.

  5. Delete the TeleTracker Online folder.

  6. After all of these steps have been completed, you must restart the computer


You can also go to the Windows Start button and find TeleTracker Online in the Programs menu and click on Uninstall TeleTrackerOnline.