Upgrading TeleTracker Online      


As part of our continuing pledge to provide our customers with state-of-the-art software technologies, TeleTracker Online is in a state of constant evolution, resulting in frequent product upgrades.  All TeleTracker Online upgrades are offered and performed seamlessly via the Internet as they become available, insuring that our customers enjoy the most recent version of TeleTracker Online.



Keep in mind that TeleTracker Online is a web-based application.  Therefore, the speed of your Internet connection will directly affect the time required for the upgrade installation process.


Whenever an upgrade becomes available, upon logging in, TeleTracker Online will automatically prompt you with the following message: “Your software needs to be upgraded from version “x” to version “y” (the version numbers will vary depending upon which version you are currently running and which upgrade is being made available).  Would you like to upgrade now?”  Although you may choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to this question, in order to access TeleTracker Online you must choose ‘Yes’ and receive the upgrade.


Upon choosing ‘Yes’, you will be prompted with the following screens:


1)      Welcome Screen: After reading the Welcome screen and closing all open programs, click the <Next> button. 


2)      Get Registration Information: Your system will remember and recall the information originally entered in these fields during your initial installation of TeleTracker Online.  Provided that these fields are populated with the correct information, click the <Next> button. 


3)      Choose Destination Location: This screen is used to identify the file location for TeleTracker Online.  The field will automatically default to the path chosen during your initial TeleTracker Online installation, and we recommend that you accept this default.  However, you may choose a different path by simply clicking the <Browse> button.  Once your file location has been identified, click the <Next> button. 


4)      Select Program Manager Group: This screen is used to identify the name used from your Windows Start Menu for the TeleTracker Online program icon.  The field will automatically default to the name chosen during your initial TeleTracker Online, installation, and we recommend that you accept this default.  However, you may choose a different name by simply editing this field.  Once your icon name has been chosen, click the <Next> button.


5)      Start Installation:  This is the final screen to appear before the actual upgrade installation process begins.  To begin the upgrade installation process, click the <Next> button.


6)      Installation Complete: Once the initial upgrade installation process is complete, click the <Finish> button.


7)      Install: Depending on various factors, this screen may or may not appear.  If this screen does not appear, please proceed to Step 8.  If this screen does appear, in order for the upgrade installation to be completed, you must restart your computer.  To restart your computer now, click the <OK> button.  To restart your computer later, click the <Cancel> button.  


8)      You may now open your upgraded version of TeleTracker Online either by double-clicking on the desktop icon, or from the Windows Start menu as follows: Start, Program, TeleTracker Online (or your chosen name during installation).