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Norton Internet Security

Add a new Application Rule


1.  Open the list of rules:

     A.  Open Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.

     B.  Double-click Personal Firewall.

     C.  Click the Program Control tab. You see the list of Application rules.


2.  Add the rule:

     A.  Click Add. You see the "Select a program" browse window.

     B.  Navigate to the executable file for the application that you are adding, and then select that file.

     C.  Click Open. You see the NIS or NPF Program Control dialog box. It has the following choices:



               -Manually configure Internet access

     D.  Select an option, and then click OK. You see the Application Category window.

     E.  Choose a category, and then click OK. Your application is added to the list.


3.  Configure the rule:

     A.  If you chose Permit or Block, you are through configuring the rule. Continue with step 5.


4.  If you chose "Manually configure Internet access," you see a series of windows for configuring the rule.    Answer the prompts. For more information on these choices, see the section Overview of customization options.


5.  Click OK.


Close NIS or NPF.

For more information regarding your Norton Firewall visit: