Creating Product Packages / Bundles


Step 1: Go To Master Files and select Packages.



Step 2: To create a new package click on the New icon. To edit a package, select the package you want to change or discontinue then click on the Open Icon.



Step 3: Fill in the Code and Description for this Package. Click the Add button to select the products.



Step 4: Scan in the Product Code or select the Search Icon.



Step 5: After locating the product you want to add to this package click the Select Icon. Make sure all the products you select are in stock.



Step 6: Enter the Quantity and the discounted selling Price. When your finished click the OK button.



 Checking the Substitute Box:



Step 7: You must have a minimum of two items in a package. To select the next product click the Add button.

Continue until you have added all the products you want in this package.




Step 8: This package contains three products. The battery and the case are mandatory but another product can be substituted for the charger. The total selling price of the package is $3.00. Click the Save icon to save your package.




How to add the package to an invoice:




To watch a video showing a package being added to a sales invoice and how it works click on the Go Button: