Cash Drawer Reconciliation


Saving the Cash Drawer Reconciliation report


What is new? After using the Cash Drawer Reconciliation to balance the cash drawer you can save the report with the exact cash counts that the salesperson entered. This allows you to view any Cash Drawer Reconciliation that took place for any period of time.



  1. Enter the beginning register total.

    1. This is the amount of money you leave in the cash drawer every night to use for customer change and petty cash the next business day. Even if the cash drawer is reconciled multiple times during the day, the beginning total for that day should remain the same.

  2. Enter the counts in each field. Coins, Bills and Credit amounts.

  3. Click the View Report Icon. TeleTracker Online compares the amount counted with every transaction that was recorded in TeleTracker. The report will show all discrepancies between the counts and transactions.

  4. Click on the Submit button.

Viewing a saved Cash Drawer Reconciliation report


View The Video

To view a quick video showing you how submit / save a completed cash drawer reconciliation click the go button: