Manual Provider Reconciliation               




Transaction Window - Step 2




Not Payments:  Clicking this button will show all transactions that do not have a checkmark in the Reconcile checkbox.  Place a checkmark in the Reconcile box to mark the transaction as Reconciled.


Partially Paid:  Clicking this button will show transactions which a payment has been made and the transaction is not reconciled.  Note:  The transaction may be paid in full and still show under the Partially Reconciled button.  The transaction must be marked with a Reconcile checkmark to be considered completely Reconciled.


Reconciled:  Clicking this button will show all transactions that have been Reconciled. To mark a transaction as reconciled, place a checkmark in the reconcile checkbox.  Note:  The Transaction may be marked as reconciled however is not paid in full.


All Records:  Clicking this button will show all transactions.



Paid In Full:  Place a check in this box to make a full payment against the amount that is due from the Service Provider.  Once you place a check in the Paid In Full box, you will be unable to un-check it.  To clear the box, open the Payments window, select the payment and click the Void button.  Visit the Manual Provider Reconciliation Payments help page for more information regarding payments.


Reconcile:  Place a check in this box to mark the activation as Reconciled.  You may un-check this box at any time to mark an activation as Not Reconciled.

To make a partial payment and/or view the payment history for a specific transaction,click the Payments button.



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