Inventory Adjustment                            


Outbound Inventory Adjustments are used to remove items from your inventory.  Outbound Inventory Adjustments are often used to adjust inventory due to shrinkage or other inventory related issues.

To access Inventory Adjustments from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Transactions > Inventory Adjustments.  To create a new Inventory Adjustment, click on the New button located on the toolbar.  To open an existing Inventory Adjustment, select the Transactions from the Inventory Adjustment list and click the Open button.  

IMPORTANT: When creating an Outbound Inventory Adjustment, you must be logged into the location that the product(s) will be adjusted OUT of !!!



Inventory Adjustment- Outbound


All items marked in RED are required fields and must be populated before the Adjustment can be saved.



(1)    You may change the direction of the Inventory Adjustment by clicking on the drop-down list located within the Direction field.  Click on Out to adjust products out of inventory.


(2)    Select the appropriate Bin to adjust products out of.  You may change which bin the product is adjusted out of by clicking anywhere within the Bin field and selecting the bin.


(3)  The Date will default to the current date.  With the appropriate security level, this date can be modified.


(4)  Select an appropriate Reason from the drop-down list.  Reasons enable the ability to track why specific transactions are occurring.  Visit the Reasons Help Page for information on setup and configuration.


(5)     Enter the Product Code you wish to add to the adjustment.

Enter the Productís Code either by scanning the item with a barcode gun, keying it in manually, or performing a lookup and choosing from existing products.  To perform a lookup and choose from existing products, click on the lookup button in the lower right-hand corner of the <Product Code> field, highlight your choice and either double-click or hit the Enter key.  TeleTracker Online will automatically populate the productís corresponding information as defined in the Productís Master File. 


(6)     Enter the Qty (quantity) of the product being adjusted.  TeleTracker Online will automatically default the quantity field to one (1).  However, you may change the quantity by either using the scrollbar on the right-hand side of the Qty field or entering the desired quantity in the Qty field.


(7)     When adjusting serialized products, a sub-menu will appear prompting you to enter the productís serial numbers.  You may enter serial numbers either by scanning them with a barcode gun, clicking on the drill-down button located within the field, or by manually entering the values.  You cannot save Inventory Adjustments without entering valid serial numbers for each serialized product.


To adjust additional products, proceed to the next Product Code field and repeat the steps above.  

 You may enter notes within the Inventory Adjustment by clicking the Note button located on the toolbar.  A dialog box will appear allowing you to enter any pertinent notes.  To time-stamp a note entry, simply click the Log Entry button and TeleTracker Online will automatically populate the date and time of the entry, as well as the user entering the notes.  Click the OK button when finished.


To save the Inventory Adjustment, click the button located on the toolbar.


Inventory Adjustment OUT  --  Inventory Adjustment IN