Purchase Order                   


To access Purchase Orders from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Transactions, then Purchase Orders.  Click on the New button located on the toolbar.  To create a new Purchase Order, click on the New button located on the toolbar.  To open an existing Purchase Order, select the Transaction from the Purchase Order list and click the Open button.

Purchase Order- Receiving

Products Ordered Tab



Identify and open the Purchase Order you would like to receive.  Click the Products Ordered Tab.  Select the Product Code you wish to receive.


(1)  Enter the Qty Rcvd (Quantity Received) of the product being received into your inventory.  You may change the quantity by either using the scrollbar on the right hand side of the Qty Rcvd field or entering the received quantity in the <Qty Rcvd> field.


(2)  The Unit Cost may be updated at any time to reflect the appropriate cost of the unit(s).  Even after the Purchase Order has been saved, you may open the Purchase Order and update the Unit Cost.  This updated cost will filter throughout your entire database and update your inventory and transactions.  TeleTracker Online will recognize any attempt to receive products with a $0.00 cost, and you will be prompted to verify whether or not those products should be brought into inventory without a cost.   

If you are synchronizing with Quickbooks, you must 'lock down' the cost of the item and close the Purchase Order.  This is required by Quickbooks in order to properly synchronize.  To close the Purchase Order, click the General Tab, place the appropriate Vendor Invoice # in the Vendor Invoice # field and select the appropriate Vendor Invoice Date.


(3)  TeleTracker Online automatically populates the Rcvd Extension field by multiplying the Unit Cost by the Qty Rcvd fields.


(4)   When receiving serialized products, a sub-menu will appear prompting you to enter the serial numbers for this product.  You may enter serial numbers either by scanning them with a barcode gun or by manually entering the values.   The Purchase Order cannot be saved until all of the serialized product units are assigned valid serial numbers.


To receive additional products, proceed to the next product code line and repeat the steps above.

 You may enter notes within the Purchase Order by clicking the Note button located on the toolbar.  A dialog box will appear allowing you to enter notes.  To time-stamp a note entry, simply click the Log Entry button and TeleTracker Online will automatically populate the date and time of the entry, as well as the user entering the notes.  Click the OK button when finished.


To save the Purchase Order, click the button located on the toolbar.




If all of the Purchase Order’s products are not received at once, TeleTracker Online will prompt you with the following question: “You have not received all of the items on this purchase order.  Do you want to create a backorder or cancel saving and receive the products?”

By choosing to create a Backorder, TeleTracker Online automatically creates a new Purchase Order with its own distinct number, with the remaining products.

Once a Backorder has been created, the Backorder’s original Purchase Order number can be found by clicking on the General tab of the Backorder.  Likewise, the original Purchase Order’s Backorder number can be found by clicking on the General tab of the original Purchase Order.



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