Settle Credit Card Batch                   


When processing Credit Cards through the TeleTracker Online Credit Card Gateway, use this function to settle your credit card transactions.  To access the 'Settle Credit Card Batch' feature from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Utilities, then Settle Credit Card Batch.



When taking a Credit Card payment or issuing a Credit Card refund through the TeleTracker Online Credit Card Gateway, TeleTracker Online will obtain a temporary authorization code from the credit card processor.  This information is placed on the Credit Card 'Batch.'


After you have successfully settled your Credit Card Batch, you will be given a confirmation window.  To view current and previous Credit Card Batch's, run the Credit Card Batch Report.


In order for the Credit Card funds to be placed in or taken out of your bank account, you must Settle the Credit Card Batch.

Authorization codes are valid for only several days, so it is recommended that you settle your Credit Card Batch EVERY DAY.

The Credit Batch is settled on an individual Merchant # basis, so you must settle each individual merchant number separately.


For information regarding the TeleTracker Online Credit Card Gateway, please contact the Sales Department.