TeleTracker 'Webinar' Trainings



TeleTracker 'Webinar' Trainings



The TeleTracker Training Department offers several detailed trainings to aid you with the setup and configuration of your TeleTracker database.  These trainings include:


1.  New Database Setup Training


Training covers:  Login, Master Files, Toolbar and Record Viewers.


Download the New Database Setup Training Outline


2.  Salesperson Training


Training covers:  Time Clock, Invoices, Returns, Exchange and Salesperson Reporting.


Download the Salesperson Training Outline


3.  Inventory Control Training


Training covers:  Purchase Orders, Store Transfers, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Reporting.


Download the Inventory Control Training Outline


4.  Service Provider Commission Training


Training covers:  Service Plans and Commissions.


Download the Service Provider Commission Training Outline


5.  Administration Training


Training covers:  Security Levels, CRM, Scheduler, Reconciliation and Admin Reporting.


Download the Administration Training Outline




Register for a TeleTracker 'Webinar' Training  



1.  Visit


2.  Locate your desired training session.  See example below.





**Please note:  All Trainings are scheduled in ARIZONA TIME.



Arizona Time



3.  Click on the  link to Register for the Training.


4.  Fill in the required information and click the button.


5.  When the TeleTracker Online Trainer accepts your registration, you will receive an email detailing the following:


'Webinar' Training Date and Start Time

Link to begin the 'Webinar' training session.

Training Department Phone # to call when 'Webinar' training session begins.


**Please join the training at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time.**  

**Your computer may need to install required components in order to join the training.**




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