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TeleTracker Version 4.2.4

Full 4.2.4 Download for Installing: Click this> TeleTracker 4.2.4


Note: For best results, uninstall the previous release before installing this copy. Also, make sure your computer meets our minimum requirements. Many problems are caused by insufficient amounts of memory, bandwidth, etc.


TeleTracker Requirements: En Español

Device Recommended Remarks
Approved Operating systems

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000

Windows 95, 98, NT, or ME will NOT be supported.
CPU speed

1 GHz 32-bit (x86)

Faster CPU = better performance and reliability
Hard drive 1 GB or more available 1 GB or more is recommended so that you have room to grow.
Memory 1 GB of system memory TeleTracker Online performs best with a least 1Gb. More Ram = Greater Performance and fewer problems.
Internet connection 

DSL, Cable, or another high-speed connection

Not Supported: Dial Up or Internet Air Cards

Faster connection = faster display
TeleTracker sounds large amounts of data to the server and back continuously. The faster and more solid the connection the better the performance.
Monitor resolutions XGA (1024 x 768) or higher Higher resolution = crisper images
Apple OS NONE TeleTracker is not compatible with any Apple OS.
Internet Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 and Higher. TeleTracker Online uses components that are built into Internet Explorer.

 Requierimentos de Teletracker
Aparato Recomendado Comentario

Systema de Operacion

Windows Vista

Window XP

Window 2000

Windows 95, 98, NT o ME no se dara soporte

Velocidad de CPU

1 GHz 32bit(86x) 

Entre mas rapido el precesador, mejor funcion

Disco Duro

1GB o mas CPU

1GB o mas para que tenga espacio para creser


1GB de memoria

Teletracker funciona mejor si de minimo tiene 1GB de memoria, entre mas memoria mejor

Conexion de Internet

Cable, DSL, otra de alto velocidad - Somos el worste

Entre mas rapida sea la velocidad mas rapido muestra informacion. Teletracker mueve grandes cantidades de informacion a los servidores y paratras. Conexion con mas rapides y solidez significa mejor funcion

Resolucion de Monitor

XGA (1024 x 768) o mas alto

Entre mas alta la resolucion mejor la imagen

Sistema Apple

No funciona

No es soportada, Teletracker no es compatible

Navegador de Internet Internet Exporer 6.0 o mas alto Teletracker usa compunentes que son parte de la integracion de Internet Explorer