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Welcome to the TeleTracker Online training page.

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Section 1 — Basic Setup
Section 2 — Inventory
Section 3 — Commissions
Section 4 — Sales
  Task Definitions
  Task Rules
  Task Manual Setup
  Task List
  Task Moves
  • Every in-depth Training Video and step-by-step Training Manual on this page covers the same material you will receive in an online training.

  • It is highly recommended to print out the Recommended Training Schedules to keep track of your training progress.

  • The Checklist for Service Provider Training is mandatory before beginning your Service Provider Commissions, Spiffs, and Rebates training

  •  The QUICKBOOKS QUICK START GUIDE is now available. If you plan on using QuickBooks with TeleTracker, this guide will show you step-by-step how to setup QuickBooks and TeleTracker.

Training Manuals View PDF
Recommended Training Schedules
Checklist For Service Provider Training
Quick Start Guide for TeleTracker (Start Using TeleTracker Today)
TeleTracker Online Program Manual
QuickBooks Manual and Videos View PDF
QuickBooks (Setting Up TeleTracker & QuickBooks) Quick Start Guide
QuickBooks Training Video 1
QuickBooks Training Video 2
QuickBooks Training Video 3
QuickBooks Training Video 4
Training Videos View Online
  New Database Setup
  Adding New Store Locations
  How To Add New Employees
  Terms Of Payment (Pay Now or Pay In 30,60, 90 Days)
  Lead Sources (Tracking Your Advertising Return on Investment)
  Disclaimers (Your Return Policies)
  Security Settings (How to Change Security Levels)
  X-Charge (How to Setup X-Charge)
  Entering Products
  How To Add A New Product (Accessory)
  Inventory Control
  Putting In Inventory Using The Inventory Adjustment
  Purchase Orders
  How To Create A Purchase Order
  How To Receive Products On A Purchase Order
  Closing A Purchase Order (Mandatory If Synchronizing with QuickBooks)
  Sales, Returns, and Exchanges
  Learn How To Sell in TeleTracker (A Sales Simulation Game)
  Walk-in Customer Accessory Sale
  Existing Customer Sale With Phone Activation
  Customer Return With A Refund
  How To Do A Product Exchange
  Setting Up X-Charge
  View A Sales Invoice **
  Service Provider Commissions
  Lesson 1: How to Enter a New Service Provider
  Lesson 2: Introduction to Service Provider Commissions
  Lesson 3: Entering Service Provider Plans
  Lesson 4: How to Setup Phone Rebates and Discounts
  Lesson 5: Coming Soon
  Auto Provider Reconciliation
  Lesson 1: How to Import Your Service Provider Spreadsheet
  Lesson 2: Reconciling Matching Activations
  Lesson 3: Coming Soon
  Lesson 4: Coming Soon
  Lesson 5: Coming Soon
  Cash Drawer Reconciliation (Balance the Cash Drawer)
  Daily Cash Sheet (The Total Money Collected At The Point Of Sale)