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TeleTracker Online 4.1.2 Released
July 31, 2007

We just released the latest upgrade to TeleTracker Online. The latest version, TeleTracker Online 4.1.2, has a lot of new features designed to help our customers continue to grow in the wireless industry. Here are just a few of the many features that will now be available in this release:

  • Added full direct interface and specialized reporting for Qpay products.
  • Added Speed Suite service provider interface.
  • Added Flipswap direct interface.
  • Added direct interface with Verizon Datascape to allow users to accept prepaid and post pay bill payments.
  • Added Trade-In module to allow users to accept handset trade-ins.
  • Added Global Warranty Group direct interface.
  • Added eProduct interface for Technocel products.
  • Added Favorites folder to store frequently accessed reports.
  • Added interface to automatically report any program errors.
  • Redesigned serial number input on purchase orders.
  • Added capability to enter merchant number at the workstation level.
  • Added approval code information for credit card payment receipts.
  • Implemented functionality to quickly update any changes in internet White Pages automatically.

To learn more about these features, and how you can start using them today, please visit the TeleTracker Online Help Site.