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I was looking for a way to combine customer loyalty and the best way to track my customers, I was fortunate to find GoLoyal. They were able to find an attractive way to reach my customers, track them, and give me a report. My customers comment on the emails, and this way I know I am reaching my target audience. GoLoyal does all the work and takes the guess work out of my email customer base.

- Dawn K. Hoboken, NJ


I love the service I get from GoLoyal. They are very professional and always helpful. Their email program keeps my
clients informed about my monthly specials. For anyone that owns a business, its well worth the money.

- Brenda M. College Station, TX



The GoLoyal opt-in email program offers TeleTracker dealers a highly effective yet inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customer base on a constant basis. GoLoyal provides an opt-in email loyalty program where your customer base will receive a special monthly email sent out by GoLoyal, on behalf of your business location. Each email can feature anything from coupons/discounts, featured offerings, new product information, specials, company news, etc. which gives your current customers a reason to return for repeat business.

The goal of GoLoyal is to assist your business in building a loyal customer base therefore increasing revenue from within. The cost to acquire a new customer far surpasses the cost associated with retaining a current one. By utilizing the GoLoyal service, you will be able to retain your customer base in an extremely cost effective way while also acquiring new customers through our email forwarding function. These are some of the benefits of using the GoLoyal program:

Tracking – This tracking report that GoLoyal provides each month details who is opening the email, what is being clicked on, how many are getting forwarded on, who is unsubscribing, who is subscribing and other detailed features. This tracking is critical since it will help to provide a targeted message to your customer base each month.

Personalization – Each email is personalized, Dear Sam, Dear Jeff, etc.

Clickable – Each special/discount/product that is featured is clickable to your customer base. This helps determine the effectiveness of the offer each month.

Forward to a Friend – At the bottom of every email will be a forward to a friend option where your current customers can forward the email offer to a family member or friend therefore increasing your customer email list from within.

Automation – The GoLoyal program is entirely automated. If someone unsubscribes they are eliminated from your list immediately. GoLoyal can also provide a link on your website where your customers can sign up for your monthly email program. Once they sign up they are automatically included on your list.

Being a TeleTracker client, you will receive special pricing from GoLoyal.

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