TeleTracker Online automatically populates the Products Returned Tab with each of the products sold on the original Invoice.



(5)    Identify the prodcut(s) that you wish to return. 


(6)  Enter the quantity of the product being returned by clicking on the Qty (Quantity) field and typing the number, or by using the arrows located on the right side of the Qty field.  To determine the number of products available for return, hover the mouse over the Qty field.  A yellow box will appear reflecting the respective productís quantity available for return.  TeleTracker Online automatically calculates the quantity available for return by subtracting any previous returns from the original quantity sold.


(7)    When returning Serialized Products, a sub-screen will appear prompting you to select the corresponding serial number of the product being returned Generally, this will be the ESN or IMEI number.  To select a valid serial number, click on the field and highlight the serial number of the product being returned.  You may also click into the serial # field and scan the serial # with a barcode scanner, or manually type the serial # into the serial # field.  Before the Return is saved, TeleTracker Online will verify that the serial # entered is correct.



Click on the Products Sold Tab to continue to Step 3




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