CRM - Task Definition                    


The Task Definition gives information and direction to the TeleTracker Online user when they open a Task.




All items marked in RED are required fields and must be populated before the Task Definition can be saved.



Code:  Enter a Code for the Task Definition.  The Code cannot contain any spaces or special characters.


Example 1:  CONTRACTRENEW  (For Contact Type)

Example 2:  CALLNOANSWER  (For Pending Type)


Valid From / Valid To:  Select the appropriate dates for which the Task Definition will be valid.


Description: Enter important information relating to the task you wish the user to perform or a description of what the task defines.


Example 1:  "The customer's contract period will expire in 5 days.  Check the Renewal Activation Specials sheet.  Contact the customer and inform them of the specials."

Example 2:  "This callback is pending.  Initial contact was attempted - Customer did not answer phone."


Type:  The Type field identifies what kind of Task Definition you are creating.


Contact:  Select the Contact Type for initial contacts with customers.


Pending:  Identifies that actions have been taken, but the task has yet to be completed.


Complete:  Identifies that the task is complete and no further action will be taken.


To save the Task Definition, click the  button located on the toolbar.




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