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CRM / Task Setup Guide




Task Definition - Step 1


Task Definitions identify different stages of a Task and relay information to the User.  Within the Task Definition is the ability to define customizable messages to direct and inform your TeleTracker Online users.  


You will be provided the opportunity to create definitions for the initial customer Contact, definitions that identify that the task is in a Pending state and definitions that define the Task is Complete.  Task Definition(s) with the Type of Contact must be created initially so they can be applied to a new Task Rule.  


If you plan on creating a variety of different Tasks for your users within TeleTracker Online, you will create unique Task Definitions in order to convey the duties of the specific Task.  These Task Definitions (with the type of Contact selected) will be applied to your Task Rules.



Task Rule - Step 2


The Task Rule triggers the generation of Tasks for TeleTracker Online users.  A Task Definition must be applied to the Task Rule in order for the Rule to be saved.  Many different configurations can be applied to a Task Rule.  Usually, each Task Rule will have a unique Task Definition selected.  However, individual Task Rules with different configurations may have the same Task Definition selected.


The Task Rule will create the Task based upon the selected configuration and place the Task into the Users 'My Current Task List'.



Recurring Task Rule - Step 3


A Task Rule can be set to a Recurring status.  Identify the specific recurring configuration.  You can apply the Recurring Task Rule within the Task Rule.



My Current Tasks


Based upon the Task Rules created, each user of TeleTracker Online may have Tasks assigned to them in the My Current Tasks transaction viewer.  The My Current Tasks transaction viewer will populate for the user upon every login to TeleTracker Online.  The User may open the Task, view the task information / instructions (as defined in the Task Definition) and open the individual customer master file for contact information.


Within the Task, the user will be given the opportunity to assign the Task a Pending status if further action needs to be taken.  Upon completion of the Task, the User will assign the Task a status of Completed.  




Task Definition  --  Task Rule  --  Recurring Task Rule  --  My Current Tasks


CRM / Task Setup