Schedule - Time Off                    


The Time Off Record schedules time off for a specific TeleTracker Online User.




All items marked in RED are required fields and must be populated before the Shift can be saved.



User Code:  Enter a Code for the Time Off Record.  The Code cannot contain any spaces or special characters.


To perform a search for the User Code, click the lookup icon.  You may create a new User by clicking the New icon located on the Users Record Viewer.  For further information when creating Users, visit the User Master File help file.


Reason:  Click the Reason drop-down list and select the appropriate reason.  Create a Time Off Reason by visiting the Reasons Master File.  Be sure the Valid For selection is Time Off.


Time Off Dates:  Identify the appropriate Start Date and Time and the appropriate End Date and Time.


To save the Time Off Record, click the  button located on the toolbar.




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