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TeleTracker Integrates with 4 More Partners
July 31, 2007

With our latest release, TeleTracker Online 4.1.2, we introduced four additional partnership integrations. We spend a lot of time developing partnerships that we feel will benefit our customers by making processes easier and/or increasing their revenue generating capabilities. These new partnership integrations with Qpay, Global Warranty Group, Flipswap, and Technocel present TeleTracker Online users with a wide-range of products to offer their customers.

  • Qpay: a transaction services company that offers a wide variety of products, which include pre-paid pins, international long distance, and wireless and utility bill pay.
  • Flipswap: a handset trade-in company that provides retailers a fast, efficient way to accept customers’ used handset, and apply credit towards new purchases.
  • Global Warranty Group: a warranty administration and solutions company that allows users to offer customers warranty coverage on their phone.
  • Technocel: an accessory solution company that offers a wide variety of accessories for multiple handsets.

We are very happy to provide these additional solutions for our customers, and adding the products and services offered by these companies will enhance their desirability to the wireless consumer. For more details on these partners please visit our Partners Page.