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Sales Smarts is a market intelligence provider that aims to eliminate the guesswork used in identifying new site selection, trade area management, customer profiling, marketing research, and planning. Sales Smarts provides detailed demographic analysis that is easy to interpret and apply to your day to day decisions including:

Site Analysis – Target studies of each retail location with key demographic characteristics mapped and charted for easy interpretation.

Customer Profiling – Determine who your best customers are, where they live and how to find more of them.

Store to Store Comparison- Why do some stores perform well and others not so well? Do some stores need to be closed or moved?

National Average Comparison - What are the ethnic characteristics in your market area vs. the national average?

Market Penetration – How many customers do you have compared to the available market? Where are the missed opportunities?

Gap Analysis – Where do you need locations to maximize subscriber growth? How many locations can the market support?

Who is Buying what Products – What products are your best and worst customers buying?

Customers by Churn Rate - What is the demographic profile of your highest and lowest disconnect subscribers?

Marketing Performance – Is the marketing campaign attracting targeted subscribers?

Competitive Analysis – How many wireless retailers are in the area? Do I want to be near competitive locations or not?

These and many other valuable insights are available, impacting everything from store locations (all channels), design, staffing, merchandizing and much more. Please contact us for examples, a web review of our reports and see the results for yourself!