Hardware Configuration and Installation    



APG Series 100 Cash Drawer




 Attractive design accents your POS workstation Small footprint, yet features full size till which takes up less counter space

Large configurable under-till storage compartment Adjustable media slot divider separates and organizes different media types

 A variety of interface options to meet your specific needs for controlling the cash drawer

 Closed and latched drawer status switch  Durable, four function lock improves drawer security

   Proven reliability assures low cost of ownership Dual Raceway, steel ball bearing slides provide years of trouble-free service

Lightweight drawer lowers shipping cost



16" x 16.7" x 4.9"

19 lbs.


Contact the TeleTracker Online Sales Department @ 877.277.6810 extension 1 for ordering information.




Plug the cash drawer directly into the computer.

From the TeleTracker Online Toolbar click VIEW and select WORKSTATION SETTINGS.



Station #: Identifies a specific Cash Drawer associated with a specific computer(s).  Example:  If you have 3 computers and 1 cash drawer, all 3 computers will have the same station number.


Open with string:  Place the text 'OPEN' into this field.  This is the command sent to the cash drawer.



Cash Drawers with a 9-pin Serial Port Connection


Select the Cash drawer installed on COM port # option.  Please identify the appropriate COM port.  


You may test the connection with the cash drawer by clicking the 'Test' button.  If the 'Test' button fails to open the cash drawer, then follow the steps below:


1)  Verify the Cash Drawer is plugged directly into the computer.  The Cash Drawer will not open if it is connected to an peripheral device such as a printer.

2)  Verify the power supply for the cash drawer is plugged in.  The drawer will not open without a source of external power.

3)  On the bottom side of the cash drawer will be a group of small toggle switches.  Verify the switches are in the following sequence:  


UP - UP - DOWN - UP - UP - DOWN - UP - UP - DOWN - UP



Cash Drawers with a USB Connection


Select the USB Cash Drawer option in the Workstation Settings.


The USB Cash Drawer will not require an external power source.




Bar Code Scanner  --  Cash Drawer  --  Biometric Fingerprint Reader  --  Signature Capture Pad

Pole Display  --  Receipt Printer  --  Magnetic Stripe Reader  --  Keyboard