Hardware Configuration and Installation



PD3000UP USB Pole Display



Two-line display with 20 5mm characters height Proven reliability Bright green vacuum fluorescent display

Better visibility due to optically matched lens and wider character pitch

Automatic message scrolling and “smart scrolling” Easily programmable for custom messages

Wide choice of interfaces: USB, serial, parallel and pass-through User-definable characters and built-in real-time clock

Available with emulation of many popular command sets, including OPOS/JPOS

Adjustable viewing angles Available in beige and black, 120V and 220V


Contact the TeleTracker Online Sales Department @ 877.277.6810 extension 1 for ordering information.




Install the Logic Control PD3000UP USB Pole Display Driver before plugging the Pole Display into the computer.  Once the driver installation is complete, plug the Display into the computer so windows can recognize the hardware.

TeleTracker Online requires the hardware device to be recognized 1 time before a successful login can be completed.




To configure the Pole Display click View and select Workstation Settings.



Place a checkmark next to Pole Display.  Identify the appropriate COM port to which the Pole Display is connected.



Scrolling Text

To set the scrolling Pole Display text, click Master Files and select Locations.  Select the Retail Location where the Pole Display belongs.



In the Pole Display text box, enter the scrolling message you would like to show.  This message will scroll across the Pole Display screen when an invoice is not in process.




Bar Code Scanner  --  Cash Drawer  --  Biometric Fingerprint Reader  --  Signature Capture Pad

Pole Display  --  Receipt Printer  --  Magnetic Stripe Reader  --  Keyboard