Service Provider Incentives:  Options


Options are additional items that can be activated with the base service.   Defined within the Option Incentive is the commission amount received from the Service Provider, and the commission amount paid to salespeople.  You may specify different commission amounts for each activation type.  Once a specific Option Incentive is created, you may apply it to one or many service plans.



To access Option Incentives from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Master Files, then Service Provider.  Select the appropriate Service Provider and click Open.  Click Incentives on the left side column menu.  Click .  To create a new Option Incentive, click the Add button.  To edit/open an existing Option Incentive, select the appropriate Option and click Edit.




Description:  Provide the appropriate description for this Option.  When Activated on the TeleTracker Online invoice, this description will print on the customer invoice.


Price:  Enter the amount charged to the customer per month for activating this Option.


Start/End Dates:  Assign the appropriate Start/End dates for which this Option is valid.  If the commission amounts change for this Option, input the correct End Date for the last date entry.  Create a new valid date range by right-clicking the context menu.  Select <Add>.  Each date range will have it's own Financial button containing an Option commission structure.  



From the window above, Click the  button

The Financial Button contains the Commission structure of the Option Incentive.  Clicking the Financial Button will begin the process of identifying valid plans and defining the commission amounts for each activation type.


Click the link



Click the link located on the left side of the window that says Valid Plans.  A list of all of your Service Plans will been shown in the Available Column.  Highlight the plan(s) for which this Base Incentive is valid.  Use the arrows (>) to move the selected plan(s) to the Selected column.  You may remove plans from this Base Incentive by highlighting the plan(s) in the Selected column.  Use the arrows (<) to move them back into the Available column.



Click the link


Activation Type:  Theses Activation Types are defined with the Activation Type Master File.  Only the valid activation types for a selected Service Plan will be presented during the activation.


From Provider:  Enter the receivable commission amount from the Service Provider for the given activation type.



Click the  Button

The To Sales Associate Button contains the commission amount paid to the salesperson.  Clicking the To Sales Associate Button will begin the process of defining the commission amounts for each sales level.



Amount:  Enter the appropriate commission amount for the corresponding Sales level and Activation Type.  To create the next Activation Level, press TAB from the Amount Field.




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