TeleTracker Online Report Subsystem  


TeleTracker Online provides over 100 customizable reports.  Click the Reports Icon on the main TeleTracker Online Toolbar to access the TeleTracker Report Subsystem.  These reports give you centralized reporting control over all of your Retail Locations.  Each report will present you with various filtering options and grouping choices.  Click on the links below to find more detailed information regarding specific reports.


TeleTracker Online provides very powerful tools within each Report.  Use the tools listed below to customize your Reports for your specific needs.







Master Files:  These reports give you detailed information regarding the Master Files in your database.


Bar Codes:  These reports are used to generate Bar Codes used at the Point-of-Sale and other inventory functions.  


Labels:  These reports generate Labels used for various business functions.  


Security:  These reports will give you detailed information regarding your security levels and privileges.  


Financial:  These reports will give you detailed information on various financial positions including Accounts Receivable, Revenue, Sales Tax and Profit & Loss.  


Inventory:  These reports provide detailed information regarding Inventory Levels, Inventory Adjustments, Purchase Orders and Store Transfers.  


Journals:  These reports provide detailed transaction history of products.  


Commissions:  These reports will give detailed information on commissions to salespeople and commissions received from the service provider.  


Audits:  These reports provide various auditing functions including the Cash Drawer Reconciliation, Time Clock Report and Provider Reconciliation.  


Charts:  These charts provide different graphical representations of retail activity.