To access Preferences from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click View, then Preferences.  The selections made in this section will result in individual Location default settings.  However, the majority of selections made in Preferences may be overridden at the source document.





Inventory Churn Method Field:  You may select from either FIFO (First In, First Out) or LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory churn methods.  This field selection directly affects the method that TeleTracker Online automatically calculates each productís accounting costs.  Please consult your accountant to clarify the appropriate inventory churn method for your business.


Bank Account # Field: The individual Locationís bank account number may be entered in this field.  Once populated, the specified number will appear on the Locationís deposit slips generated by TeleTracker Online.


Country Field:  Currently, you may select from either USA or Canada to identify the Locationís country of origin.  Please look for additional country choices in future upgrades.


Disclaimer Font Size Field:  You may select a default disclaimer font size ranging from 4-24.  When applicable, this specified font size directly correlates to the disclaimer printed on each of the Locationís invoices.



Avery Label Numbers

Avery Label Numbers Fields:  You may select from a variety of default, standard, Avery label formats with which to print Address, Bar Code, and Shipping labels within TeleTracker Online.



Acceptable Tender

Place a checkmark next to the appropriate tender type accepted by the Retail Location.



Default Type of Tender

Select the tender type to which the payment window will default.



Logo Files

Logo Files Fields:  Logos will automatically print on various transactions and reports throughout TeleTracker Online.  Each Locationís default logo may be selected for both Transactions and Reports by clicking on the <Browse> button, located to the right of each field, and selecting the desired logo.  NOTE:  Available logo files must in Windows Bitmap format.  It is highly recommended that each logo file be downloaded and stored in the same location on each individual computer.




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