Auto Provider Reconciliation               



View Reconciled and Save Transaction - Step 8




When the Data Compare window is closed, you will be brought back to the main Auto Provider Reconciliation Record.  Here you can view Not Reconciled and Reconciled Activations.


Not Reconciled:  Click the Not Reconciled TAB.  These are Activations that did not receive a Reconciled checkmark.  The Not Reconciled Activations may have full or partial payments, however they do not have a Reconciled checkmark.


Reconciled:  Click the Reconciled TAB.  These are Activations that did receive a Reconcile checkmark.  The Reconciled Activations may not have full payments, or any payments associated with them.  However, they received a Reconciled checkmark and are considered Reconciled.


All Activations, Reconciled or not, may be modified within the Manual Reconciliation.


Click the button save the Auto Provider Reconciliation Transaction.



Continue to Open Existing Auto Recon Transactions




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