General Ledger                                           


General Ledger (G/L) Accounts are used to track the accounting detail of your company’s transactions.


To access the General Ledger from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Master Files, then General Ledger.  To create a new General Ledger Account, click on New button located on the toolbar.  To open an existing General Ledger Account, select the Account from the General Ledger Accounts Master File list and click the Open button.



Code:  This field is the unique number used to identify each individual G/L Account.


Description: This field is used to further describe your G/L Account code.


Assigning specific General Ledger Account codes throughout TeleTracker Online will insure accurate and useful accounting detail within the software.  Please visit the QuickBooks help file for further information regarding your General Ledger Accounts and synchronizing with QuickBooks.













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