The Salespersons Master Files are used to identify each of your Salespeople.


To access Salesperson Master Files from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Master Files > Salesperson.  To create a new Salesperson, click on New button located on the toolbar.  To open an existing Salesperson, select the Salesperson from the Salesperson Master File list and click the Open button.



Code:  This field is the unique name used to identify each Salesperson.


Name:  This field is used to further describe your Salesperson.


Address and Phone Numbers and Personal:  Fill these fields out for reference information.




Commission Levels:  TeleTracker Online can be configured with 10 different Commission Level configurations.  Both Merchandise and Activations hold individual commission properties.  Assign the Salesperson the appropriate commission level in these fields.  


The Merchandise Commission Level references the commission amount defined within the Commission TAB of the Product Master File.  The Activations Commission Level references the commission amount defined with the Service Provider Base Incentive.  A Salesperson must have a commission level of 1 or higher in order to receive commissions.




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