Vendors Master Files are used to identify each of your Vendors and track vendor history information.



To access Vendors from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Master Files > Vendors.  To create a new Vendor, click on New button located on the toolbar.  To open an existing Vendor, select the Vendor from the Vendor Master File list and click the Open button.



Code:  This field is the unique name used to identify each individual Vendor


Billing TAB

This TAB is designed to house the vendorís detailed contact and billing information.  The Account Section of this TAB houseís the Vendorís account information, including Account Number, Billing Contact and Shipping Contact.


Name:  This field is used to further describe your Vendor.


Terms Code.  Care should be taken when choosing the Terms Code within this screen, as the information entered in this field will automatically become the vendorís default payment term whenever a purchase order is generated for the vendor.


Online Interface:  This section of the Vendor Master File is for the configuration the EWI Prepaid Program.  Visit the TranSEND IT Prepaid Program help file for more information.



Shipping TAB

This TAB is designed to house the vendorís detailed shipping information.  



Activity TAB

This TAB will show you the Purchase Order history associated with this Vendor.



The fields within the Vendors Master Files were specifically designed to streamline your purchase ordering process.  The tabs within these files will provide you with valuable information in a timely and convenient fashion.




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