Products Master Files are used to identify the pricing and commission levels of your companyís items and services.


To access Products from the menu bar of the main TeleTracker Online screen, click Master Files, then Products.  To create a new Product, click on the New button located on the toolbar.  To open an existing Product, select the Product from the Product Master File list and click the Open button.



SKU:  This field is the unique name used to identify each individual Product.  This field can contain letters and/or numbers.  


Description:  This field is used to further describe your Product SKU.



Main TAB

This TAB is designed to house all of the productís basic information.  All fields in RED are required fields and must be filled in.



Product Type:  There are sixteen (16) different Product Types to choose from.  


The following Product Types are classified as Serialized: Cellular Phone, GSM Handset, Nextel, Pager, Prepaid Card-Serialized, Satellite, SIM Card, GAIT Phone, and GSM Handset w/ SIM.  In order for a serialized product to be brought into or sold out of inventory, valid Serial Numbers, (ESNís, IMEIís, etc.) must be provided.


The following Product Types are classified as Non-Serialized: Accessory, Prepaid Card, Replacement Parts, Service, and Two-Way Radio.


Preferred Vendor:  Populate this field with the corresponding vendor code of the Vendor you will most often purchase the product from (see instructions on Vendor Master Files).   Choosing a Preferred Vendor in this field will create a system default, but will not prevent you from overriding and purchasing the product from other valid Vendors.


Department:  Populate this field with the productís corresponding department code (see instructions on Revenue Department Master Files).


Options:  These are additional options used to further configure the product type.


Warranty Information:  Enter the appropriate Warranty information into these fields.


Most Recent:  These fields will populate with the most recent Purchase Order information.


Manufacturerís Numbers:  Products are often given serial numbers by the manufacture or vendor.  You can place these serial numbers in this field if they are different from the TeleTracker Online SKU.  When a manufacture serial number is input into TeleTracker Online, it will reference the Product Master File and present the TeleTracker Online SKU.



Pricing and Costs TAB

This TAB is designed to house the productís financial information.



Commissionable Cost:  This field is used to override the productís actual costs for the purpose of calculating sales commissions on a percentage basis.


Retail:  This is the retail price assigned to the product.  To set a productís pricing at a specific level, simply highlight your desired level on the left-hand side is a listing of your companyís Locations and enter the appropriate financial information in the corresponding <Pricing Properties Box>.


When varying prices are entered at individual levels, those prices will automatically default to the amount entered at the lowest level.  For example, pricing entered at the REGIONAL Level will automatically filter down to the MARKET, DISTRICT, and RETAIL LOCATION Levels, and so on.  Choosing default Pricing amounts in this screen creates system defaults, which with the appropriate security level, can be overridden at the point of sale.


Minimum Taxable:  Depending on your local and state tax laws, you may have to calculate tax for a certain amount even if the item is discounted or given away.  Please check with your accountant and local tax laws for specific details.


Minimum Sale:  This field will prevent the salesperson from manually overriding the Retail price from being sold below this predetermined Minimum Sale amount.  A User with the appropriate security level will be able to perform a Manager Override.


Wholesale 1,2,3:  Assign the appropriate Wholesale costs in these fields.


Lowest, Highest, Average:  These fields provide information based upon the purchase orders for this product.



Commission TAB

This TAB is designed to house the productís commission parameters.  



This TAB is designed to house the productís commission parameters.  


Level:  TeleTracker Online can store up to 255 customizable Product commission levels.   These individual levels are assigned to specific groups of salespeople.  Commission levels are assigned to the salesperson in the Salesperson Master File.  To advance to the next available commission level, hit the <Tab> key.


Minimum, Maximum:  These fields place limitations upon the actual commission amount received by the salesperson.


Calculation Method:  This column is used to identify the method by which the productís commission amounts will be calculated.  There are three (3) methods to choose from: % of Gross, % of Profit, and Flat Amount.   Whenever the percentage method is chosen, populate the <Percentage> field with the corresponding percentage.  Whenever the flat amount is chosen, populate the <Amount> field with the corresponding dollar amount.



Inventory TAB

This TABís orientation is very similar to that of the Pricing and Costs tab.  On the left-hand side is a listing of your companyís Locations.  You will notice that the total amount of inventory is identified in parenthesis to the right of each Location.  By simply clicking on the plus (+) sign to the left of any Location, TeleTracker Online will display each of the Locationís Bin(s) and their corresponding inventory levels.



On Hand:  This field displays the number of items on hand depending on what location is selected on the left-hand side of the TAB.


On Order:  This field displays the number of items waiting to be received on a Purchase Order.


BackOrdered:  If only a partial shipment of items is received, a backorder is created.  This field displays the number of items on Backorder.


Max On Hand, Reorder Level:  These fields are used to calculate the number of items to reorder, using the TeleTracker Online Inventory Reorder Report.  The Max On Hand and Reorder Level must be set at the BIN level.  Click into the field and set the desired amounts.  TeleTracker Online will calculate the difference between the two levels and present you the Reorder amount using the Inventory Reorder Report.



Compatible Products TAB

This TAB enables you to assign compatible products to a particular item.  When an item is placed onto an invoice, the User will be presented with a list of compatible products to recommend to the customer.


Bind to Sim:  This field will present for GSM Handset product type only.  This function enables TeleTracker Online to form a connection between a GSM Handset that is placed on an invoice and a SIM Card that is placed on an invoice.  Select the appropriate SIM Card product code in the Product Lookup Utility to make the connection.


This will enable greater reporting detail in your Activation and Commission Reports.


Click the Bind to Sim Video link for a demonstration of the binding process.




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